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How Did Squidward Die in SpongeBob? TikTok Trend Explained in Detail – Mystery Revealed

For many of us, SpongeBob SquarePants was a key part of our childhoods. We grew up watching him live his life in Bikini Bottom, getting into all sorts of mischievous shenanigans with his friends. We laughed at his silly jokes, and we rooted for him when things got tough. In a lot of ways, SpongeBob felt like a friend, someone we could always rely on for a good time. That’s why so many of us still have fond memories of SpongeBob, even years after we first watched him on TV. He’s a character that feels like part of our family, and that’s why we’ll always love him.


Spongebob Squrepants


From the cartoons to TikTok’s trend of “How did squirdward die” :

Squidward Tentacles is one of the most beloved characters on SpongeBob Squarepants. He’s known for his grumpy attitude, his love of classical music, and his unrequited love for SpongeBob’s pet snail, Gary.

Squidward lives in a constant state of self-pity and misery; he is unhappy with his humdrum lifestyle and yearns for celebrity status, wealth, hair, and a glamorous and distinguished career as a musician or painter with a passion for art and playing the clarinet, although he has no actual talent for either. He lives in Bikini Bottom, where he met SpongeBob and Patrick. At first, Squidward was annoyed by his new neighbors, but over time he grew to care for them, and they became his best friends.


How did squidward die


In a lot of ways, Squidward is a relatable character. He’s always trying to find peace and quiet, but it seems like the world is against him. He’s constantly being bothered by SpongeBob and Patrick, and his job as a cashier at the Krusty Krab doesn’t exactly give him a lot of satisfaction. Even though he can be grumpy, there’s something endearing about Squidward and his never-ending quest for tranquility. We may not all be able to relate to his specific situation, but we can all sympathize with his desire for a little peace and quiet.

While his character is relatable to many people as they go through their own life lessons, what Squidward is most known for today is his role in the “How did Squidward die?” TikTok trend.

How did Squidward die in Spongebob?

There are a few theories out there about how Squidward died in SpongeBob, but the most popular one is that he committed suicide. Some evidence to support this theory includes the fact that Squidward was seen looking at a picture of himself with a sad expression on his face before he died, and SpongeBob found a suicide note written by Squidward. Additionally, Squidward was shown to be very unhappy with his life in general and didn’t seem to have any real motivation to live. If Squidward did indeed kill himself, it’s possible that he did it because he was simply tired of living a life that wasn’t fulfilling or satisfying to him.

Everything about the TikTok trend “How did squidward die in Spongebob?” :

People on TikTok have been sharing videos of their reactions “Before” and “After” watching any video. The reactions to the video “How did squidward die in Spongebob” took the whole internet by a storm.

Many were left in disbelief, how did squidward die, is it true? it is real? With so many questions, yet no certain answer.

The trend of “How did squidward die” started when users began posting videos of themselves acting out SpongeBob’s reaction to Squidward’s death in the deleted episode “Squidward Suicide.”


People's reaction on how did squidward die


Let’s Find out what’s in the video “How did squidward die? “ :

Ok, so now it’s time for some serious business. I need you all to stay awake and pay attention because this video is going into deep detail about how Squidward deals with his fear of performing in public. The following is what is happening in this video.

The show begins with the title card of Squidward’s Suicide Then, there’s the pan of Squidward not playing his clarinet properly.

Outside his home He soon get disturbed in the street by SpongeBob and Patrick laughing. Squidward is adamant at them both to stop giggling as he’s practicing for a performance that fails.

But, when the crowd applauded his horrible show, the entire audience, even SpongeBob and Patrick appeared to have red eyes similar to when you cry for two hours.

Squidward is seen in his room, humiliated and ashamed, crying with his head resting on his knees. While the crying did not sound like Squidward but more like an unidentified ghost crying or screaming but I don’t know what it was.

Squidward’s face is displayed to the camera during the scene. It’s unclear whether the person who created the video is crazy or insane

or I don’t know if there was a problem with the video in the present. However, the video started to move at a fast pace and strange voices started to come out of the background like if somebody was screaming.

Although, to me, it didn’t sound like squidward’s voice but actually a real voice of someone screaming and crying

After the screaming ceases, I don’t know if I was able to hear it or not, a deep voice said “Do it!’ off-screen as the camera pans in front of Squidward with the shotgun within his mouth.

Then, boom! Squidward killed himself after which once again camera shows you the leftover of his body.

Patrick and Spongebob crying on how did squidward die


Although it’s a mystery that whose voice was that who shot the terrifying video is safe since the video shows that he’s got some disturbing things that is going on inside his head.

Yes, I wasn’t going to end the story here, but I’m forced to end it at this point, regrettably. No! I’m not worried but the time is 3 a.m. So, please take it easy with me.

It may not be the ending we were all expecting but I guess we all have to accept it in a way it is. The characters we love will always remain with us.


Spongebob Patrick and Squidward


Some Notable Facts about the video of “How did squidward Die”:

  • There are certain images within this episode that involve child torture and murder. However, they’re only seen once during Squidward’s crying scene because of how short it takes place between each frame!
  • The culprit for these murders has not been found but, people believe it’s the same person responsible for creating the episode. The children were never identified nor found.
  • The true creator for the copy of the episode was never identified.
  • There have been numerous attempts to find the episode but, all have proven to be in vain.
  • Some fans of this urban legend have re-created the episode on YouTube for others to watch.
  • In season 12, episode 256a, SpongeBob in RandomLand, in the door sequence, it enters to an alternate universe of the characters, one of them making reference to Suicide Squidward, with Squidward’s face reminiscent to the original image, and keeping the original scream in the background noise.



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